The testing module simplifies writing and running tests in an ad-hoc fashion.

type One

This type is used for discovering leaks and double frees. It holds an integer value as well as a pointer to a single reference on the heap which is 1 as long as the object exists, otherwise 0. The refcount is leaked in order to not cause segfaults when a double free occurs.

In addition, a global refcounter is updated which can be checked for balance.

inline __!= ( cls T )
inline __< ( cls T )
inline __<= ( cls T )
inline __== ( cls T )
inline __> ( cls T )
inline __>= ( cls T )
fn __drop ( self )
fn __repr ( self )
inline __typecall ( cls value )
fn check ( self )
fn refcount ()
fn reset-refcount ()
fn test-refcount-balanced ()
fn value ( self )
sugar (features  ... )

A feature matrix that tests 2-d permutations


features    B1  B2  B3 ...
    A1      Y   N   Y
    A2      N   Y   N
    A3      Y   N   Q

Will expand to:

    Y A1 B1; N A1 B2; Y A1 B3
    N A2 B1; Y A2 B2; N A2 B3
    Y A3 B1; N A3 B2; Q A3 B3
sugar (test  ... )
sugar (test-compiler-error  ... )
sugar (test-error  ... )
sugar (test-modules  ... )